Saturday, January 30, 2010

Intrepid or just plain nuts

We went ice swimming today! We rode the bus to Ispoinen Beach and as we approached the sauna building I realized that there were men chopping through the ice to be ready for the 3:00 pm opening time. That gave me pause.

Sophia and I went in the women's locker room with a crowd of women and I realized I had no idea what we were supposed to do. I went back out to the woman in the office and asked her and she patiently explained that since it was our first time we weren't required to go in the water first.

Soph and I donned our swimsuits and crocs and followed the crowd. I took these pictures before it opened so you don't get a sense of the crowd. It was a single file march down the walk way to the water and then back up to the sauna.

We went in and out 4 times. Each time it was easier to enter the water. I didn't make it past my knees on the first dip, but after that it was up to my chin.

The sauna was a real experience. Everyone was chatting and seemed to know each other. The real social hour was taking place in the sauna. Speaking of social hour, here and there in the snow were small liquor bottles filled with a light purple liquid. I must discover what that was.

Here are some pictures of our journey, but none of us in the water. Maybe next time. The top picture is Chris and Soph out on the ice waiting for the sauna to open at 3.


  1. It is 14 degrees Farenheit in Boston today and I have not left the house yet...but I must as I am going to NY to spend an evening with Mark Cline and Sam Seawright! Maybe if we get giddy enough we will find a place to jump into the Hudson.

    You all are NUTS!

  2. Say hi to Mark and Sam for me! We are nuts, I know. But when in Rome....

  3. You guys are crazy... I won't be showing this post to David, wouldn't want to give him ideas!

  4. Peter and Pierce were oddly exhilarated by those photos. Sickos.