Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cross country skiing in Turku (a post for Joe Ayotte!)

Everything I know about cross country skiing I learned from Donna and Joe, the leading lights of the BKL in Concord. Having skied in Waterville Valley over hill and dale, I thought I was ready for Turku! But I learned that one thing I miss about New Hampshire is the relative emptiness of the ski trails. The place was packed and Finns are fast!
We headed out by bus to Impivaara soccer hall to find the ski rental provided by Turku next to the Nunnavuori trail. The trail was beautifully maintained for classic and skate and people were doing both. We will be back. Rentals are only provided on the weekends and Tuesday nights..
Hyvaa hiihto!


  1. Hey Megan! I don't know you but im living in Turku too and I really would like to go to this place tomorrow. I google turku cross country skiing and this was the thing that appeared! Could you tell which bus to take from kauppatori?
    Thank you!

    Nice blog :)

  2. Hi Valentina:

    Here is my information about cross country skiing in Turku:
    It is bus 13, but there are 2 different bus 13s:

    It is the bus 13 that goes to the Impivaaran uimihalli, Pages 74 and 75 of the bus schedule book. It runs very infrequently on Sunday. When you check the schedule...look for the bus with the( u ) by the time to go back to the kauppahalli ( and the other way too). We had to wait a long time for a bus back because we hadn't read the schedule correctly.

    Once you get to the uimihalli, there is a path to the ski rental area. The bus driver told us how to get there. The uimihalli is closed so you get off the bus and go to the right and turn left onto a path into the woods. When you come out of the woods, you cross a road and see ahead of you large buildings which might be ice hockey rinks. Asking the bus driver is your best bet.

    Have fun!

  3. Thank you Megan! It was really nice of you! I hope that you are enjoying your stay at Turku and the experience of discovering this very different world.

    Valentina from Venezuela