Friday, January 22, 2010

Packing for the family ski trip

The New York Times has an article on the perils of packing for the family ski trip. It made me laugh because I have been up half of Monday night packing for a Tuesday afternoon at Pat's Peak. Pat's Peak is practically in my back yard, so how will I cope with this...a trip above the Arctic Circle? Yesterday I purchased tickets for us to fly to Ivalo and stay at the ski resort of Saariselka. It is a "biggest ball of string" sort of trip: Ivalo is the northernmost airport and Saariselka is the northernmost ski resort. We are going here in February. Are we crazy. Yes!

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  1. You are my hero(ine). My husband just told me I had better start going on outdoorsy vacations with him or he'll stop going to Europe with me. I will be looking to you for tips.