Friday, January 29, 2010

The Flap about Ear Flaps

It has been so cold in Turku....My Finnish teacher said yesterday that, with the windchill, it has been -29 C. The wind has been blowing. Snow, like powdered glass, flies around.

To deal with the chill, I made myself supremely happy by buying an ear flap hat. Chris was the first in our family to get the flap hat. His was presented to him by the folks at SCHR as we headed to New Hampshire. Chris' hat has real fur of some kind. Santa, spotting a fashion trend, gave Sophia a white flap hat with fake fur for her trip to Finland. I was jealous of their ability to fasten the flaps around their faces. Not just your head, but your entire face needs protection.

Now I am also sporting a white, fake fur flap hat. I hum Lara's Theme as I fasten the flaps under my chin and head into the cold. The thermometer says it will be another chilly day in Turku, but with my flap downs I will be fine.


  1. oh, I am sooo into the ear flaps. have been sporting a loverly faux fur hat with flaps around town since Dec... i have had it with the cold, so I will do what it takes to be comfortable...Isabelle originally purchased it for a halloween costume! so that tells you something about my commitment to fashion! my girls were originally horrified, but over christmas, i caught belle adding it to her ski "look".... one does get desperate, and when you get to my age, who cares, I am toasty! Robyn

  2. I have beaten all of you....
    I have had one of "those hats" for years.
    I even have one made from a little lamb that I got in Quebec City. I wore it today. It was as "cold as blue blazes" as we would say down south.

  3. When we were first here and saw a man in glasses with the flap hat on, Sophia said he looked like you! " Look, there's Mark." It's a variation of the "I saw Salman Rushdie" game. "I see Mark!"