Sunday, January 24, 2010

Shopping for groceries

We had a request for more pictures of grocery store offerings so I brought my camera along yesterday. Chris and I went to Stockmans and to the kauppahalle for some tasty comestibles. The top 2 pictures were taken in the kauppahalle.

The little tiny cubes next to the orange juice are hiiva, yeast. There is no dry yeast for sale here.

Voi is butter.

Cardamom is sold in long thin plastic tubes.

And of course...smoked fish!


  1. Of course there is dried yeast. I don't use anything else. You have probably been looking from wrong place. It should be on same shelf as cardamom.

  2. I will look, but my rolls turned out so well this morning I might keep using this type of yeast.

  3. When Mads, our Danish exchange student, helped me make real "danish" he couldn't understand why I was using dry yeast - he said the only kind he knew about was the cake kind. I think it's much more common in Scandinavia - a very short shelf life though.

  4. I liked the cake kind. My dough rose wonderfully.

  5. Older people use still only fresh yeast. But they also bake once a week or two. Since I might bake once a month or two, dried yeast is much more handyer.

  6. You can stick fresh yeast in the freezer and it'll keep for ages. Just remember not to burn it when unfreezing it (in warm water, etc).