Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Taking the plunge into a the world of color!

Have you ever gotten a haircut in a foreign country? What about cut AND color? It was the color part of the equation that made me take the plunge. I had a half inch of my true hair color showing on either side of my part. It was a memento mori, well not quite mori, but I was showing my age. I chose the hair salon closest to our apartment for my experiment.

I did not engage in chit chat with the hair stylist, for obvious reasons! But I love the result. I decided to go for a red, red, red! A red that I have seen in Turku, but never in Concord!

I will have Chris or Sophia take pictures for the blog. Yesterday was a brutally cold and windy day so my hair and most of my face was covered by my faux fur trapper John hat all day.

Sophia spent some quality Skype time with her class in Concord! Thank you Mrs. Broadbent and Kimball School. She has been invited back for class on Friday at 12:15 (7:15 for us) where her friends will be reading their stories. She is working on a story to read out loud as well. Her story involves Lapland, Norway, and soup.

I went to Kerttu last night for a yarn swap. I bought some hand dyed sock yarn, but I forgot my camera. It was a large group of knitters and a pile of yarn. I am learning how to crochet thanks to Niina! I have seen some beautiful crochet scarfs that I am eager to make.

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  1. Wow! The knitting looks like ribbon candy! Are you sure you weren't in the candy store with Sophia?! Gorgeous colors.

    Carmela Bosko