Saturday, January 9, 2010

A post for knitters


Saturday, no school, so we stayed in until the sun was truly up-10:30 AM! We had errands to do-including recycling bottles at the grocery store.

Then I went to Kertu for a knitting meet up I read about on Ravelry. I was the only non-Finnish speaker there, but several people there spoke to me in English about their knitting. I sat next to a very ingenious knitter who was knitting mittens on the magic loop. She had already knit the thumb on the magic loop and had it waiting on double pointed needles. She knit down from the top of the mitten and when she reached the point for the thumb she very cleverly grafted it in place. She told me she has published this pattern on Ravelry. She was taught the pattern by her grandmother.
When I find her pattern on Ravelry I will let you know. But this is her blog. I will publish some more pictures of Finnish knitters in a separate post.


  1. Its not yet published. Its on testing state.

  2. OK, thanks! I know some New Hampshire knitters will be anxious to try it.

  3. Ann Williamson's nephew and his wife are the people who created ravelry. Small world or what?

    Miss you tons, will you be watching the season opener of BIG LOVE tonight in Finland?

  4. That is cool about AW's nephew. Does he live in Barrington? And I am missing Big Love! All I could find on TV was Fear Factor in Finnish. Swimming with big snakes in tanks of water is universally fear inducing.

  5. there is something very poignant about that thumb waiting on the sidelines.

  6. She is a quick knitter. The thumb found community before she left the restaurant.