Monday, January 11, 2010

For love of all things Finnish!

At the outset of my husband's love affair with Finland, I was just along for the ride. He wanted to go to Finland for his fortieth birthday. Who was I to complain? But now...I have become a Finnophile. I love Turku. I love all things Finnish. A fellow Finnophile recommended the book Under the North Star by Vaino Linna. It opens with this memorable line, "In the beginning there were the swamp, the hoe---and Jussi." That just about sums Finland up. Tonight Chris and I are going to the movie version of Under the North Star, Taalla Pohjantahden alla.

In the mean time, Sophia is waiting for Chris to translate the Finnish instructions so that she can do her French homework! Bliss.


  1. The movie was 3 hours and fifteen minutes of pure Finnish. I understood one word "perkele". But that one word is repeatedly used in the movie so I followed the story. And my husband says it is not Finnophile, but Fennophile. I thought that was a lover of fennel.