Thursday, January 21, 2010

Looking for the Finnish House of Pain

Could there ever be another Rob Fleischman in the world? I doubt it. The world is just not that big. But I decided to go on the search for a Finnish Rob and a Finnish House of Pain before things on the home front were too far gone for salvation. My friend Mari recommended Motivus, a gym close to our apartment, as my new "House of Pain". I joined on Monday and channeled Rob and Robyn while I did legs. Kristin was there with me in spirit saying "not so heavy".

Needless to say that today, Thursday, is the first day I can comfortably sit down. Chris was laughing at me yesterday as I hobbled down the street towards him. I looked like a cowboy who had been too long in the saddle.

Motivus has cybex equipment and some bar bells and dumb bells so I am putting together a routine though I don't know how to ask for a spotter. It is a woman only gym. Gold's could learn a thing or two from the large well equipped locker room and the sauna. I will miss the saunas when I return to NH.

So...all you residents of the House of Pain--I am there in spirit especially on leg day!

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