Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pullat pt. 1

Laskiaispullat: sledding sandwich

Appears in bakeries around Shrove Tuesday. This sledding sandwich has mantelimassa (almond paste).

This is the first chapter of what is becoming my semi-regular exploration of Finnish pastries.

Buns (pullat) are very important in Finland and can be eaten at any time. My friend Mari has explained that the Pullantuoksuinen, pulla-scented woman, is the ideal of Finnish womanhood. This stems from a time when mothers made home-made buns every weekend. I sent Chris out for our buns, but I am working up my courage to tackle the home-made bun.


  1. I love cooking. Want to come over to learn?

  2. P.s. I'm unemploied. So I have more than enough time.