Monday, January 4, 2010

Adventures in cooking/help from the library

Today we did more exploring during the daylight hours. We walked along the river and over to the university. For lunch we went to the kauppahalle and ate soup in the old tram car. I explored the smoked reindeer offerings, but chickened out. Cooking without my cuisinart gear and immersion blender is going to be a challenge so we headed back to the library to look for Finnish cookbooks. I checked out two cookbooks: Hyvaa Ruokaa and Kunnon Ruokka. I hope to tackle the grocery stores with a better plan.

The library is turning out to be one of our favorite spots. It is lively. Free internet. A teen section with games. Plastic bubble chairs. Everything a body could desire.


  1. Loving that library! When you return, you and S will have to visit the gorgeous new Cambridge Public Library.

    Some simple Swedish dishes that you might enjoy are yellow pea soup (with or w/o ham hock) - traditionally served on Thursday nights with pancakes; beet and apple salad (combine chopped apples and chopped pickled beets, add one chopped pickle per apple); Jansson's Temptation - casserole of potatoes, cream, anchovies, and onion.

  2. When you return, you will have to share whatever delicacies you discover on your cooking adventures!

  3. Chickened out with reindeer? funny. This is great. I am totally picturing you with your Finnish cookbooks. I love that library too!

  4. I found a Finnish cookbook in English--oh joy! But I am not making my own sausage. The author talks about the sense of satisfaction you get from your own sausage. I will seek my gratification in an activity that doesn't include sausage casings.