Thursday, May 20, 2010

For Expats in Turku part 4-Where to work out

I am a nervous eater. The stress of preparing to leave home for 5 months was overwhelming and to shore up my last good nerve I engaged in some nervous eating. Consequently, I was in desperate need of a gym when we arrived in Turku after Christmas.

A friend told me about Motivus and I was very happy with that gym. There are 2 locations: Brahenkatu 12 and Kristiinankatu 8. I only used the Brahenkatu location and recommend it highly. It is women only (Kristiinankatu is coed). It has all the usual gear including a sauna! I made the most of the sauna since we did not have one at our apartment.

I will never forget the Finnish phrase: Kengät Pois (shoes off). I think I will make a sign for my home.

In the spring the weather is so lovely that you can get all the exercise you need walking or running or swimming.

The Turku web site has information about city weight rooms and swimming pools. In the winter there are ice rinks that rent skates and you can rent cross country skis at Impivaara on the weekends. There are a several indoor pools or you can try ice swimming.

Now that the weather is sunny with termperatures in the 20s and our new favorite spot is Samppalinna high above the town. Samppalinna is an Olympic sized pool with a 10 meter diving platform. There is a snack bar, a children's pool, grassy areas, sauna, a playground. It is the perfect place to spend an afternoon after school.

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