Friday, May 21, 2010

For Expats in Turku part 6-Getting around by bus

We have been living in Turku without a car for 5 months and we appreciate the extensive bus system. The Turku map on the web site *has a feature that helps you figure out what bus to take or you can look at the map at the back of the timetable. The buses all end up in the kauppatori. That is convenient to remember when your panicky daughter phones you from the wrong bus.

Above is the Forum shopping center across from the kauppatori. The bus office is inside and you can purchase passes that last for a month or two months. The bus driver can load money on your card as well. It is 2.50 euroa for one ride, but during the summer that ticket is good for two hours.

We went skiing by bus, swimming by bus, to the islands by bus. Our daughter rode the bus to school every day. There are no school buses. Most children ride the buses to school and it can be jarring for Americans to see small children getting on and off buses on their own without a parent hovering near by.

To enhance the excellent local transportation there is also the train and the regional bus station that includes a bus directly to the Helsinki airport.

I must add to this post that strollers or baby buggies (and the person pushing) travel for FREE! The adult pushing the buggy enters the bus at the middle door and it is not convenient or safe to pay the bus driver. As long as your child is in a stroller you and your child do not pay for the ride.

*Change the language to English in the top right corner. Then click on the drop down menu "Guidemap" at the left and choose bus routes.

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