Sunday, May 30, 2010

For Expats in Turku-Wrap Up

Here are all my handy hints for living in Turku in one post. We will miss Turku. It is a wonderful place to live.

1. Get to know the library.
2. Do your laundry at Kerttu.
3. Meet the International Congregation.
4. Join the gym, Motivus.
5. Drink a lot of coffee.
6. You don't need a car.
7. Get a hair cut.
8. Study Finnish.
9. Send your children to school.
10. Go for a pub crawl.

Please let me know if you find this advice useful during your stay in Turku.

This blog will continue to focus on all things Finnish with a dash of New Hampshire thrown in for good measure.


  1. Its been really wondeful to follow your blog and see my town with someone else's eyes.

  2. Hi there! I came upon your blog from random clicking and just had to wave hello! I'm a Southern Californian expat -- just moved to Rauma at the beginning of May. My fiance is from here so we have a fairly healthy social network, but I still get very excited when I see somebody blogging about this place from an American perspective. Are you guys living here or just on an extended stay? I definitely look forward to reading through your posts and seeing more in the future!

  3. Late comment here, but great summary! I've never liked my country as much as when I read about in on your blog!