Thursday, May 6, 2010

Extreme Finnish Food--Viili

I have done my share of extreme Finnish eating during our stay. I have eaten (and cooked) reindeer. I have sampled many many different small fish in sauces. I love salmiakki. But, until today, I avoided viili. I heard too many horror stories about viili from my non-Finnish friends. I had been told that, like Marmite, you had to be trained to like viili as a child.

A Finnish friend encouraged me to try viili this morning and so I went out and bought the rhubarb viili and carried it carefully home. Carefully, because my friend explained that real viili has a beige skin that you don't want to break. This brand was skinless, but I treated it with caution nonetheless.

Verdict? I loved it. I will buy more for Chris to try. You can read more about viili here. And, if you come to Finland give it a try.

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  1. I hate that cover in viili. I always stirr it in. And after stirring, viili becomes very strechy and you will have trouble get anything to stay in your spoon. I eat non-flavoured viili and add cinnamon and sugar in it. In that order. Then I eat layer until all cinnamon-sugar is gone and add another layer of cinnamon and sugar...