Saturday, May 29, 2010

For Expats in Turku part 10-Where to go for a night on the town

There are plenty of wonderful bars in Turku including the festive boats up and down both sides of the Aurajoki. Some students forgo the bars and just sit on the river bank with a daschund of beer-a long narrow cardboard case of their favorite Finnish brew.

I enjoyed the bars that take their name from a building's past use.

First up is the Apteeki , a former pharmacy. I have posted about Apteeki before and it is a must see.

I also like Koulu, a beautiful old school that now houses a brewery and a restaurant. The outside courtyard is charming and I sampled Mannerheim's favorite food, vorschmack, while I was there. Koulu also serves berry ciders brewed on the premises. I tried both lingonberry and blackcurrant cider at Koulu.

Next is the Old Bank complete with the safe in the basement. I will not forget the tar schnapps I had with my friends in the Old Bank. And the guidebooks highlight the Puutorin Vessa or bathroom bar.

Any serious pub crawl will surely end with a Hesburger in the kauppatori. Hesburger is Finland's artery hardening answer to McDonalds and the original Hesburger location is the one nearest to the Puutorin Vessa.


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