Monday, May 17, 2010

For Expats in Turku part 1-Where to hang out

We leave so soon! Our five months in Turku has been wonderful and I wanted to share some of the treasures that made our stay in Finland so enjoyable. I am going to post about places in Turku that made our stay so pleasant and then bring all these posts together at the end.

The first place I want to introduce is the Turku City Library. This library is so comfortable that you never feel like a stranger. I felt instantly at home in Turku. The library has computers for public use, Harry Potter, a huge music collection and movies. There are many books in English for all ages.

Some of the movies we checked out of the library include Ruokala Lokki, the Vares movies, Risto Räppääjä, and Näkymätön Elina. You can reserve books and movies on the library's web site and you will receive an email when the item is available. The cost for this service is 1 euro.

Your library card also serves as a culture card. You will receive emails about fun events happening in Turku.

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