Sunday, May 16, 2010

Girls love horses

Today Susanna invited us to visit her horse Haku. It was lovely to be in the country on such a fine spring day. Susanna rescued Haku from a neglectful owner. He is a former race horse with a placid disposition. All he really wants to do is follow Susanna around, but he patiently carried Sophia on a lovely walk through the country-side.

The manor house where Haku boards is on the site of the Battle of Lemo. The battle of Lemo, June 19-20, 1808, was an attempt by the Swedes to free Turku from the Russians. The statue above was erected by the sculptor Heidi Limnell in recognition of the fallen soldiers.

Sophia was a very happy girl astride that giant horse!

You can watch this 10 minute video of the Finn Horse:

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