Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Back in the Granite State!

We are in New Hampshire trying to organize all the Finnish souvenirs that are spilling out of the suitcases. We flew from Turku to Stockholm and Stockholm to Newark with some fellow Finland lovers: two American students who studied in Turku. The five of us formed a "leaving Finland" support group until we separated at Newark.

Our luggage was crazily heavy. That's what happens when you have not one or two or three Finnish dictionaries, but several. And those Tatu ja Patu books can add extra weight to your luggage.

Meanwhile, back in Concord: I don't know how Sophia is doing it, but she rushed out the door to school this morning as though she had never heard of jet lag. She is wearing her Suomi football shirt proudly. Her friend just borrowed the entire Moomin box set so I know that the Concord chapter of the "We Heart Finland" support group is well on its way to composing by-laws.


  1. Glad to hear you (and your bags) made it home safely. Frances has been waving at Sophia's picture.