Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Midsummer Night's Dream-Flag Day

I love Finnish Flag Days. I love the fact that the flag is not used to advertise used car lots. Instead, there are careful rules for flying your flag. In case you plan to fly the Finnish flag tomorrow here are the rules:

Midsummer is the only day of the year when the flag may be flown all night. The flag is raised at 6 PM on Midsummer Eve and not lowered until 9 PM the following day.

The top picture shows 7 year old Sophie at 6 pm helping Matti's father-in-law raise the flag. You can see the detail when you click on the picture for the larger view.

There was a Finnish flag that flew on a house on Fisherville Rd. I drove by the house to see if it was flying, but I suspect that the house belonged to the Finn who fought City Hall. The house is now empty.

I think we need to fly the flag at our house in accordance with Flag Day rules in Finland. Down to Main Street to see if the flag store carries the Finnish flag!

Tomorrow is Juhannuspäivä ilta. Have a wonderful time in the sunlight.

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