Monday, June 28, 2010

How do you say "jittery" in Finnish?

The Finns love coffee. They have the highest coffee consumption rate in the world. I love coffee. I also love tea, but really my day doesn't begin without a cup of coffee.

Although my husband loves Finland and all things Finnish, he views caffeine as a gateway drug. He loves iced tea, but always asks, "Is there caffeine in here"? I am left with the choice of a wisecrack answer, "no, it's brown water with lemon slices" or the lie, "of course not, dear." Iced tea without sugar is one thing. Iced tea without caffeine is worthless.

Well, today on NPR I heard that Alzheimer researchers indulge in the gateway drug 5-6 times a day. This is thanks in part to research from Finland.

One recent study comes from Finland where researchers followed about 1,400 coffee drinkers for more than two decades. Researchers found one group seemed to benefit the most: the people who'd been drinking three to five cups of coffee a day in their 40s and 50s.

And on this happy note I will start my second cup of the day!


  1. And I LOVE Finnish coffee. Are you familiar with the President's coffee? I bought some while I was in Finland and gave it as gifts when I came home. But the regular brands are delicious, as well, and Leigh Ann brings me some when she visits. I have to wait until she leaves to drink it, though, because she misses our coffee from the USA, and wants it while she's here!

  2. I like the President's coffee too. Have you seen the shopping bags people make from recycled coffee packages?