Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Finnish Press

Chris and I are still doing our nightly study of Selkouutiset. We listen to the five minute broadcast and translate the stories together. Now I know words like eduskunta (parliament) and ydinvoimaloista (nuclear power power plants).

Guess what word I learned last night? vakoiluskandaali--spy scandal. Yes, the United States is often a big part of the Finnish daily news. One lead story on the Helsingin Sanomat was the recent Supreme Court opinion on state gun laws.

I enjoy checking the English edition of the Helsingin Sanomat in order to keep up with the Finnish news and the Finnish take on the United States. Imagine my dismay and envy when I read this:


The International Edition will be in recess for the whole of the month of July. The daily items were updated for the last time before the summer break on Thursday 24th, and we shall be coming back online at the beginning of August. Weeklies will return shortly after we open up again.

Though there can be exceptions, July is not traditionally a very "hard" news month in Finland, neither in politics nor in business life, as the country tends to go on holiday from the Midsummer or Juhannus weekend and Finland is more or less "closed" for the duration.

Finland’s politicians, from the new Prime Minister Mari Kiviniemi (Centre Party) to anonymous back-benchers, will be spending their time pressing the flesh at the country’s countless summer festivals rather than pressing voting buttons in the debating chamber.

While the world will continue to turn, and news will doubtless be made, we hope that on the Finnish front at least it will be possible to enjoy the short Finnish summer in peace, eat lots of strawberries, leap into lakes from cottage saunas, and to return refreshed in early August.

We thank all our readers for their attention and for the feedback we have received over the year, and wish everyone a pleasant summer season.

Enjoy the berries and the sauna leaps. I will wait here in the country of hard, bad news for Hessari in English to return.

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