Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Do Not Separate a Finn from his Sauna!

This is 91 year old Reino Elgland. Mr. Elgland fought city hall and won! He is receiving a $200,000 settlement from Concord, NH, for water damage that, according to the Concord Monitor article separated him from his sauna:

"By the time the flooding had finished, he was left with a large hole in his land, separating him from his woodpile and sauna."

The article explains that Mr. Elgland was born in the US, but his parents hailed from Finland. His parents bought the property in 1918. Now the property will be part of the trails network leading to Sewell Falls Park.

Mr. Elgland plans to relocate to an assisted living community in Penacook. Maybe I will take him some pulla when I am home and ask him about the Finnish community in Concord and what area was referred to as Finn Hill. Stay tuned!

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