Monday, April 26, 2010

Yet another reason to study Finnish-Vares

I haven't read any Vares books yet, but that doesn't mean I am not a big fan of Reijo Mäki and his hard boiled, hard drinking literary creation, Jussi Vares. It just means I need to redouble my efforts to learn Finnish.

Today Marilyn, Chris' mother, and I were doing some shopping. We were in the Akateeminen bookstore buying Tatu ja Patu for her Peruvian grandchildren when I saw the Vares magazine. As I was explaining to Marilyn why I wanted to buy this Finnish magazine (because the author lives in Turku), the sales clerk told me I was standing next to the author, Reijo Mäki.

I levitated 6 inches off the ground and asked Reijo Mäki to sign the magazine. He was so charming that I boldly asked him to appear in my blog and here he is with Marilyn and the helpful cashier.

I explained that I was a fan despite my lack of Finnish. He told me that his books can be read in Estonian, Swedish, Danish. Sadly, Americans don't have the requisite language skills. I did tell him that I had seen both Vares movies and Mäki informed me that 6 new Vares movies are being filmed this summer in Turku. I hate to leave before I can play an extra in a crowded bar scene.

I am going to try to buy the Vares movies to bring home. If you get a chance you should watch them. Lots of gratuitous Finnish blood is spilt. Lots of gratuitous Finnish oaths are uttered. I loved every minute. The films are Vares – yksityisetsivä from 2004 and V2 - jäätynyt enkeli from 2007.

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