Monday, April 19, 2010

Ashes Ashes....

Our friend Felice is visiting us in lovely Turku with a return flight tomorrow. Hah! Finnair had one flight to New York today. Reading about that flight on their web site this morning lulled us into last minute sightseeing and curio shopping.

We visited St. Henry's ecumenical art chapel on the 54 bus. According to some web sites, this is the second most visited tourist destination in Turku. It is certainly a beautiful building. The chapel changes as you move around it and view it from different angles. And then when you step inside you are embraced by light as you move towards the altar. The building was designed by a Finnish architecture firm and built in 2005.

Felice and I then hurried off to prepare for her trip home. She bought some items that you cannot find in NH-Turun Sinappia, cardamom in the long tube, bat reflectors.

When we checked Finnair again this afternoon we learned that another cloud of ash is headed our way and it is likely that her flight will be canceled. We do not see ash in the sky here and the dust flying around is left over from the winter gravel. It is daunting to think that a volcano in Iceland is grounding planes from London to Helsinki.

In the meantime, we can play marathon "10 Days in Europe" games. Of course Uno tournaments are never dull when money is at stake.

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