Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fulbright scholar victim of Finnish pranksters!

As Sophia and I lay chuckling on the floor of our tiny balcony today hoping to fool Chris, I thought back to my magnum opus: the finger in the box of 2008. Chris nearly hit the ceiling! Sophia was stunned into shocked silence. She denies she was duped and claims that oreos with toothpaste and salt were the most successful prank of 2008.

Our prank on Chris failed, but someone did fool him! He ran by the river and came home to report that orange balloons were being used to support the failing bridge!

I think I will claim the balloons were mine!

From the YLE English language site:

Collected News Items on April 1
published today 01:55 PM, updated today 07:56 PM
The balloons are the first-known application of "aeroculture" to fix architectural failings.

The balloons are the first-known application of "aeroculture" to fix architectural failings.

Image: YLE / Petra Ristola

The Myllysilta Bridge in Turku, which has sagged and cracked under winter conditions, will be repaired using ordinary balloons, according to the website of the Turku 2011 foundation. It was also reported on April Fool's Day that David Beckham will transfer to a local football team in Pori. If you believe that, keep reading for other remarkable news that broke on April Fools' Day.

The Turku 2011 Foundation's English-language website declares that "the entire bridge will be hoisted to its original position by utilising aeroculture." The site is dedicated to promoting Turku as one of next year's cultural capitals. And indeed April First found Turku's historic bridge bedecked with orange balloons.

The Turku 2011 Foundation says its application of "aeroculture" is the first in the world, and adds that the technology is raising interest elsewhere in Europe.

"The farthermost enquiry comes from the City of Pisa in Italy, where the method is considered to be used for setting the Leaning Tower of Pisa straight," says the Foundation.

The Turku-based daily Turun Sanomat also mentions the balloon suspension of the sagging bridge

Kansan Uutiset, throwing fuel over the traditional Helsinki-Turku rivalry, gleefully reports that the Pitkäsilta bridge in Helsinki is also collapsing. The blame is mysteriously attributed to scientific experiments by the world's largest supercolliding superconductor.

David Beckham Transfers to Local Finnish Team

The front page of the newspaper Satakunnan Kansa declares that football star David Beckham, in a fit of gratitude for his recent surgery in Finland, is planning to transfer to Pori's local football team.

Meanwhile the business and technology publication Tekniikka & Talous reports that the Malmi airport in the capital city region will soon be opening up for space tourism -- as soon as anybody's interested in setting up a space tourism business there.

Apparently Chinese tourists are eager to blast off into space from Malmi.

But it’s not all good news on April Fools’ Day. The Tampere newspaper Aamulehti is reportedly facing difficulties on April First. Contracts regarding the usage of text fonts have ended, and so the paper was forced to write its online version in good old paper and pencil.


We assure our readers that the only deliberate seasonal deceptions on this page are the ones mentioned in this article. We only mention this in case some readers might have suspicions about self-snuffing cigarettes and the cross-dressing crossbow-wielding bank robber.

The Fool of April

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