Saturday, April 17, 2010

Time to spare go by air!

We are in Stockholm. Geologic events in Iceland did not hamper our travel on the Viking Ferry nor did it dampen our hunger for the Viking Buffet, the smorgasbord to beat all smorgasbords! We arrived last night after an all day journey through beautiful islands...both the Turku archipelago and the Åland Islands. We saw quaint, isolated cottages that would be perfect for Moomin Poppa (or Pippi). As we drew near to Stockholm the houses became more magnificent.

An all day boat trip is like forced relaxation. We relaxed in every conceivable spot...our tiny cabin, the disco lounge, the cafe and the windy deck. I especially enjoyed watching the nimble dancers twirling their partners on the dance floor under the mirror globes while outside a lone seagull followed in our wake and the swans flew close to the nearby shore.

For the full experience, watch this short clip:

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