Sunday, March 28, 2010

Virvon Varvon!

With a passing glance Finland can seem very similar to the United States--you can watch the Young and the Restless; everyone is wearing jeans (although of different styles); almost everyone can speak English.

But there are cultural differences. For instance no one can understand the opposition to public health care among a vocal minority in the US. And then there is Palm Sunday! Back home I know my St. Paul's family is processing with palms into the church. Here in Finland, children are carrying decorated twigs from house to house dressed like witches, conferring a blessing and giving a stick in exchange for candy! Keisha and her family invited Chris and me and our young witch to join in the fun.

Now, grab a twig and repeat after me:

Virvon Varvon
Tuoreeks Terveeks
Tulevaks Vuodeks

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  1. Hey! I am Leigh Ann's mother and I've just enjoyed reading your last few blogs. I am ashamed to admit, though, that you taught me a few things, mainly about the horrors of Andersonville. I am from Atlanta, but grew up and learned the state history of Tennessee. I never got to take Ga. history since I started there in the 9th grade. I had heard of it, but never learned how bad it was. I'm glad I know, because it helps with perspective. I did't know SC tried to sell their Confederate money either (how did I miss THAT???), but I wish they'd been successful, because we are broke!!! Thanks for all the information. LA has told me about Palm Sunday weekend and the witches, but the videos were very enlightening!