Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pick up sticks

Studying Finnish is a bit like playing pick up sticks. I am beginning to understand words in a sentence--individual sticks. Sometimes the pile of sticks is so tangled that I fail to distinguish the individual sticks and I just can't pick them up.

To supplement my Finnish class I bought the Berlitz audio cd Finnish in 60 Minutes. In my dreams, right? Yesterday I sat in Kerttu waiting for the laundry to become less wet, wearing my iPod and muttering, " Apua! Apua! Apua! Kutsukaa poliisi, kutsukaa poliisi, kutsukaa poliisi." No one paid any attention to my quiet cries for help. I did, however, order my glass of wine in Finnish! Nothing helps with laundry like a glass of house wine.

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