Monday, March 15, 2010

Beckhamania update...dateline Turku!

As Sophia and I wended our way home from the kauppatori, I decided to drop by the Mehiläinen to see what was happening. The place was full of teenage boys with identical black skinny jeans and spiky hair. You might be surprised to learn that I was not the only Southerner in the crowd...LeighAnn, my friend from South Carolina, was there with her children Erin and Samuel so we waited together for...nothing. We missed him. He pulled into the underground parking lot and the only picture I have is of another quicker fan's cell phone. But, it was fun to be there with the cool kids!

Beck's Finnish doctor is saying he won't be playing in South Africa this summer. You can read his interview here. And here is a link to the Helsingin Sanomat showing Beck's landing in Turku with an odd head wrap. I am sure he is flying back to sunny Milan directly after receiving his excellent Finnish care.

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  1. Pierce and I especially love that you posted a photo of a photo on someone's cell phone. You are THE BEST