Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pictures of Turku

The Spring Equinox is not until March 21, but already the days are gloriously bright. Here are some random scenes from sunny Turku!

From the top:

Top picture is a bridge over the Aurajoki and you can see that it is bowing dangerously in the centre. A passerby spotted this problem and the bridge is closed to traffic. There is great consternation over what to do about the bridge. They want to put floats under the bridge so that it won't fall far and spread debris, but the river is still frozen. Before they could install the floats, they would have to bring in an icebreaker, but there is another bridge down river that makes bringing an icebreaker all the way to this bridge impossible. Plus there is fear that an icebreaker could damage some of the historic vessels anchored in the river. Not to mention that the river is quite shallow in spots and icebreakers are designed for deep water. To top it off there is concern that the pilings under the nearby buildings could be damaged if the bridge collapses. Another note about this picture: if the child in the foreground is looking down, think twice before telling them to look up!

Next picture is a doom laden snow blob poised on the edge of the roof of the cathedral. The front of the cathedral was off limits on Sunday.

Next a hairless dog. I liked the fact that he was layering his outerwear. Mixing stripes with an animal print is quite "fashion-forward"!

Next, Sophia's latest artwork from her class.

And last but not least me with my ruby hair! It is a dark red. The picture doesn't do it justice.

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