Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pocket-sized Pat's Peak

On Friday the PTO at Sophia's school arranged a skiing outing at Hirvensalo. I rode a city bus out to meet the students at the ski slope. The top picture is my view of the ski slope behind a grocery store. There were no chair lifts, just a J bar. The PTO cooked sausages for the kids. One friend pointed out that it is common for ski slopes to have a spot for an impromptu cookout. You just carry a package of sausages with you. Can you imagine if we pulled sausages out of our fanny packs at Pat's Peak! Sophia had a wonderful time and her friend Emilia skied for her first time.


  1. Look at that beautiful blue light!
    Are you coming home soon? It seems like it's been about four months.
    Oh! I am almost done reading "The Book of Salt." It's so good! What should I read next?

  2. HEY!!! Thanks for my PURSI! Check out my post: