Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A steamy documentary

Chris and I went to see Miesten Vuoro tonight. It is a documentary about..well...many things. Good documentaries help the audience see many sides of a topic and usher the audience into situations otherwise unattainable. In this case the audience is invited into the humid privacy of the men's sauna.

My Finnish language skills being what they are (slim to none), much of the dialogue was beyond me. However, I did learn more about Finland. The documentary takes you into various work places from a factory to a mine to the camp of some men panning for gold. In all these places there is the sauna. And in the sauna there is meaningful, poignant conversation about loss, family, children. You also realize that the sauna is part of life for everyone in Finland, including the homeless. The two homeless men might not know where they will sleep, but they have made the sauna part of their life.

This is the trailer with English subtitles!

STEAM OF LIFE TRAILER from OktoberFi on Vimeo.

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