Monday, March 15, 2010

Breaking News or Twist it like Beckham

Excitement is running high in my corner of Turku. My football loving husband informed me that the beloved Beckham, former captain for England and Becks of PoshandBecks, has injured his ankle and is heading to Finland for medical care. Then he rang with a news flash...where in the country of Finland will Beckham come for ankle care...that's right Turku! Now to stalk the streets armed with my camera.

Beckham will be having ankle surgery at the Mehiläinen sport medicine office in Turku. Mehiläinen is a private hospital company that has been in existence since 1909. It is named after the bee, Finnish for bee is mehiläinen, that brought Lemminkäinen back to life. I love how the Kalevala is everywhere! Here is the Kalevala quote from the Mehiläinen web site

The wise raven that flew onto the scene opined that Lemminkäinen could not be brought back to life, but the mother gathered up the pieces, gave blood transfusions, set the bones, stitched the wounds, performed organ transplantations, and managed to rebuild his frame, but could not make him talk or bring him back to life. But then Lemminkäinen's mother managed to persuade Mehiläinen (the Bee), the king of the forest flowers, to fetch nectar and mead from various herbs to serve as an ointment. This helped the son to recover, to battle the storms of life again.

If the bee can bring Lemminkäinen back to life, who knows what he will do for Beckham!

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