Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Still snowing!

March 17 was a big day when I lived in Savannah. The azaleas were blooming. The fountains were green. There was Baileys in the coffee.

I will try to pick some green article of clothing from my brown and black wardrobe and head out into the snowy streets of Turku. Yes, it snowed again last night. It was snowing hard when I walked home from my Finnish class.

Maybe I will bump into Posh and Becks.

An update on the Beckham in Turku story is that I made it into the Finnish tabloids! Chris bought some papers yesterday for my scrapbook and there I was! Like Where's Waldo or Lowly Worm, I am in a crowd shot of Beckham's car pulling into the parking garage.

Here is a fun web post about the snow in Helsinki from the We Love Helsinki blog.

Luntalunta blablabla

Talvi on jatkunut jo kauan ja sitä on taivasteltu kylliksi. Jos pulkkamäki ja sään päivittely kypsyttävät, poimi We Love Helsingin kokoamat näppärät vinkit kaupunkitalven viettoon.

  1. Syö lunta. Syö nyt vaan.

  2. Elä vaarallisesti ja kävele talonvieriä pitkin. Älä vain katso ylös, äläkä välitä tiellesi asetetuista suojapuomeista.

  3. Nuole tamppaustelinettä.

  4. Päivänvalo lisääntyy ikävästi kevättä kohden. Minimoi sen vaikutus ja nuku kuuteen asti illalla.

  5. Nauti ulkoilusta ja ota juna töihin.

  6. Tai säästä aikaa ja luistele töihin.

  7. Sivakoi. Sivakoi nyt vaan.

  8. Testaa, voiko vitutukseen kuolla ja kaiva väärä auto kinoksesta.

And here is a translation of the above from the Books from Finland web site:

Snowsnow blahblahblah

The winter’s been going on for too long and it’s been gawped at too much already. If you’ve had enough of the tobogganing slope and complaining about the weather, here are some handy hints that we at We Love Helsinki have put together for enjoying the urban winter.

1. Eat snow. Go on, e a t it.
2. Live dangerously and walk close to the walls of houses. Just don’t look up, and don’t take any notice of the protective barriers that have been put in your way.
3. Lick a rotary clothesline. [Or anything else made of metal: it's thrillingly dangerous, as your tongue will stick. Ouch! The Editors]
4. The hours of daylight show an unpleasant tendency to increase towards spring. Minimise the effect by sleeping until six in the evening.
5. Enjoy the outdoors: take the train to work. [The Finnish rail services have been painfully ineffective this winter. The Editors]
6. Or save time and skate to work.
7. Ski. Just ski.
8. See if you can die of irritation by digging the wrong car out of the snow.

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  1. Hoorah - you're famous. Can I have your autograph?!?