Monday, February 15, 2010

Yhdysvaltain (New Hampshirista!) Bode Miller

Bode Miller won the bronze medal in the Men's Downhill. I watched it on Finnish television. Bode's success gives me hope that I will survive my ski vacation to Lapland, because, as I have often said through gritted teeth while staring down the scary, icy reaches of a green trail on Pat's Peak, "If you can ski in New Hampshire, you can ski anywhere!" That should be the state motto. Forget "Live Free or Die," the new license plates should read, "Ski NH and live to tell about it later!"

Here is the YLE web site where Bode is interviewed by a Finnish reporter (in English). When you go to the site,if Bode isn't automatically there, put in Bode where it says "Etsi".

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