Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Scenes from the longest sledding run in the world!

We are in Saariselkä, but the internet connection is quite slow so I might not post any more pictures until we are back home in Turku.

This morning we headed out in search of the ski slope and found the base of what we have been told is the longest tobogganing run in the world. There were abandoned sleds at the base, so we grabbed 3 and hiked to the top...twice! It was quite a wild ride down.

The landscape is beautiful. There was a rainbow all morning. I love the snow covered trees. Tonight we have our reindeer safari.

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  1. you picked a good year to not be here--we have had very little snow. All the beer cans abandoned by the college students over Thanksgiving break have resurfaced. It's like a giant, tacky shipwreck, no metal detector required.