Sunday, February 21, 2010

Blogging during Lent

One draw back to blogging is that while you share your activities, astute readers can deduce what you are not doing! I heard that the lack of any post about church has caused some worry for my soul! Well, to alleviate concern, Sophia and I decided that we would observe Lent by attending church.

I went to the web site of the cathedral to check on services. The cathedral in Turku is at the top of my list of world's most beautiful buildings. I love looking at it. I have taken many pictures of it. I love the brick with the stone and mortar and the nooks and the tower.

The cathedral, or tuomiokirkko, is the mother church of Finland. It is 700 years old and is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Henry, the first Bishop of Finland.

While searching the web site, I found that English language services take place every Sunday at 4:00 pm and rotate between Anglican and Lutheran services. Turku is a small town. We walked into the service and found we already had friends in the congregation. Sophia's fame precedes her. She is known as "Big Sophia" to a cluster of younger anglophones to distinguish her from a younger Sofia. Her presence in the congregation was noticed by her younger friends.

So, we have found a home away from home and intend to go to services there while we live in Finland. Fear not for our souls!


  1. Megan, you and Big S might enjoy my friend Bill Drenttel's blog about his family's sojourn in Southeast Asia and other places. Right now they are in Cape Town:

  2. Thanks Ingrid, I really like their blog. I especially like the daughter's posts about candy!

  3. I was actually in church today, and for a moment looked for you in the choir. I am not a bright woman.

    Glad you found a church -- but will be even gladder when you are back!