Sunday, February 7, 2010

Walking along the Aura

Today we headed to the Maritime Museum, Forum Marimum. The Forum Marimum is huge and housed in two neighboring converted warehouses on the Aura near the Castle and the harbor. We were especially interested in the small exhibit on Turku during the Winter War, but we were not blind to the delights of a hundred outboard motors. I loved the small sail boats from the Aland Islands.

We walked from the Forum Marimum back toward the center and stopped for a late large lunch on a restaurant boat, the Svarte Rudolf. A perfect day in Turku always ends with a visit to the library where we ran into Sophia's friend and her parents.

You can see Sophia's leg warmers. I bought them (for myself) in the kauppatori on Saturday. Chris and I had the buffet on the Svarte Rudolf. That afforded us the opportunity to sample all sorts of pickled fish. I feel prepared to buy some for home consumption now.

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