Saturday, February 20, 2010

Finnish Design pt. 3 Glass!

The best known Finnish vase must be the Alvar Aalto vase that he called the Eskimo Woman's Trousers according to Ulla Seppälä-Kaven. It has been in production for 70 years! Seppälä-Kaven said that every Finnish home contains this vase. Indeed, Tatu and Patu use it as a sauna bucket in their book on Finland!

Ulla Seppälä-Kaven showed some slides of other glassware. I especially liked the Chanterelle vase, Kantarelli designed in 1946 by Tapio Wirkkala. I hope we get to go mushrooming while we are here.

Alvar Aalto's wife, Aino Aalto also designed glassware. The stripes in the glassware are decorative, but also allowed the use of less perfect glass for the production.

The Orchid Vase designed in 1954 by Timo Sarpaneva received international acclaim.

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