Friday, February 19, 2010

Modern Finnish Design Pt. 2: Textles

Ulla Seppälä-Kaven also spoke about textile design in Finland. She said the RYIJY (a type of hand-tied rug) is a very important craft in Finland. We have seen Ryijy at the Turku castle and in Lieto. There are many designers who have updated Ryijy. I have attached a picture of a ryijy with lighted fibers.

No discussion of Finnish design would be complete without a discussion of Marimekko (mekko means dress). The designer of the Poppy fabric was Marja Isola. She spent time in Africa and designed bold bright patterns that remain popular today. They are still in production and her daughter is choosing the color combinations.

Another important Marimekko designer is Annika Rimala. Seppälä-Kevan referred to Rimala as the inventor of stripes. I proudly sport a striped Marimekko coat around Turku!

Seppälä-Kevan also mentioned some young designers in Turku:

Kas! Design who does these fantastical gloves.
Kui Design with this fabric design of the Aura River.
and Klo Design

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