Tuesday, February 2, 2010

More pictures from the weekend.

This weekend marked the end of our first month here in Turku. The time is flying by. During our first week in Turku we visited the Turku Art museum to see the Kalevala exhibit. This weekend we went to the Waino Aaltonen museum of art. Waino Aaltonen was an important post-independence sculptor and painter. I pass his sculpture of Paavo Nurmi, the flying Finn, on my way to Finnish class.

At WAM we saw an exhibit on fifty years of an artistic community and I have posted some of the wooly art on display.

We also visited the Turku Biological Museum. This was a small building that held only dioramas of Finnish fauna and flora. It reminded me of some of those dark galleries at the American Museum of Natural History. I was drawn to the one urban diorama that included a hedgehog. I would love to see a hedgehog while we are here. Chris and I did see a rabbit hopping down our street late one night. The only exhibit of live animals were some snow insects that you could look at through the microscope. They reminded me of why you should never eat snow, yellow or otherwise.


  1. If you're here during the spring/summer you might get to see some hedgehogs at the Käsityöläismuseo. I worked as a guide there one summer and there were two hedgehog families living there. The babies were super cute!

  2. Love the hats!! What a perfect picture of you and Sophia braving the cold! I am really enjoying reading about your adventures--ice swimming...God Bless You! ;-)

  3. The biological museum reminds me of the Natural History Museum at Harvard---Not many of those museums exist anymore---it's kind of cool to see all the old stuff---I still think about the dishes of mothballs all over the Harvard museum!

    I agree with Missy--the hats are great!