Sunday, February 14, 2010

Risto Räppääjä

On Friday morning I noticed groups of children heading to FinnKino for the movie "Risto Räppääjä". When I spoke to Sophia that afternoon she was very eager to see it even though it would be totally in Finnish. So, I bought three tickets for the evening show.

This movie was great fun even though I didn't understand a word. The bright colors and fanciful costumes made it a joy to watch. The opening number reminded me of the Pippi television show with a male red headed protagonist.

There is a series of Risto Räppääjä books that I wish I could read. The illustrations are done by the creators of the Tatu and Patu books. I might have to buy that pickle book (actually the title says "Horrible Sausage") and use it as an incentive to study more Finnish.

If you go to the movie web site HERE you can watch the preview. You will be contemplating Finnish lessons in no time.

Fans of Aki Kaurismäki will recognize one of the actors and we believe the singing doctors in the movie are from the band Eppu Normaali (see the post of Feb. 8, 2010).

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