Monday, December 14, 2009

St. Lucia's Day

It slipped past me, but yesterday was St. Lucia's Day. This is a tradition that comes to Finland by way of Sweden. Named for an Italian martyr of the 4th century, towns and schools select a young woman to be St. Lucia. One of the duties of St. Lucia is to deliver buns and coffee to hospitals, retirement homes, prisons. I would be ecstatic to open my door to a woman in a lighted crown bearing buns and coffee right now! Since that is unlikely to occur I will have to make my way down to Bread and Chocolate for a sticky bun.

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  1. Oh, it slipped past me too! Maybe because I was in Tucson. Growing up, I was always Lucia at home, delivering coffee and buns to my parents and their friends while my brother wore the cone hat of the Star Boy. God jul!