Sunday, December 6, 2009

Finnish Independence Day!

December 6 is Finnish Independence Day! This year is the 92d anniversary of Finland's separation from Russia at the time of the Russian Revolution. I find this time period fascinating. From the movie "Reds" to the novel "Sashenka" I can't get enough of the Russian Revolution. When we were in Finland two years ago we visited the Lenin Museum in Tampere (Lenin-Museo). It is the only permanent museum about Lenin in the world. I guess that means impermanent museums must pop up from time to time! Lenin fled the Tsar before the revolution and took refuge in Finland. This picture is Lenin in disguise-clean shaven with a wig-while in Finland. Today Finland will award honors to outstanding citizens and remember those who gave their lives for Finnish independence, especially in the Winter War. Visitors to Finland today can easily forget that it is a relatively young independent country with a turbulent past.

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