Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I finally attended my last school board meeting! Five years of meetings...done. Unbelievable. Sophia was a student at Emerson Preschool when I ran the first time and now she is a fourth grader reading Harry Potter and refusing to pack.

We had lunch yesterday with new friends, experienced Finland Fulbrighters. Talking to them made us more eager than ever to get there. For one thing, they told us it feels warmer in Finland--there isn't the biting wind that seems to be blowing in my face no matter where I go these days.

Another day of tidying and packing and organizing.

I like this headline from YLE:

Finland Closes for Christmas

published yesterday 03:31 PM, updated yesterday 04:09 PM
Christmas brings changes to opening hours and public transport.

Image: YLE / Eeva Hannula

note the wheelchairs in the background!


  1. perhaps your Finnish Fulbrighters are pulling your leg so you don't back out?

  2. OOOH.. That would be devastating.