Thursday, December 17, 2009

The countdown continues

In 10 days we leave for Finland and there is still so much to do! I still have 3 board meetings to attend as well as the continual decluttering of the big blue house. It is so cold here in New Hampshire, that we can't pack. We are layering on all our winter clothes!

Wintry Conditions Disrupt Road and Rail Traffic

published today 08:11 AM, updated today 01:38 PM
Wintry conditions disrupt road and rail traffic.

Image: YLE

Wintry weather has been taking its toll on both road and rail transport. Several minor collisions were reported during the Thursday morning rush hour in the Helsinki region while in western Finland trains have been delayed by icy conditions.

A fresh coating of overnight snow has caused problems for many on the roads in southern Finland. For example, an articulated lorry and a car were involved in a crash on the Helsinki-Porvoo highway early Thursday morning. Smaller 'fender bender' accidents were reported on routes in the Uusimaa region, including Ring III in Vantaa, Route 170 near Kulosaari and Highway 1 in Lohja.

In western Finland, rail travellers faced delays when severe frost caused a rail to snap some 90 km north of Seinäjoki. Officials hope the line will be back in service later on Thursday morning.

Overnight passenger services to the north were delayed by up to three hours because of the fault. Other services to Kolari and Rovaniemi have also been delayed.

There are also slight delays in commuter rail services in the Uusimaa region, with trains moving slowly due to slippery tracks.

More flurries are expected on Thursday along the south coast and in Northern Lapland, with the mercury remaining between minus 10 and 25 on the mainland. There are warnings of slippery roads in the far north and parts of the south coast, with strong to severe gale-force winds in south-western maritime areas.



  1. Better you than thin Southern blood can scarcely handle the Maryland winters. I think you'll be fine!

  2. this frightens me - I mean, isn't Finland used to weather like this?!