Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hyvaa uuta vuotta!

This afternoon we walked in the bitter cold (it has gotten progressively colder each day we have been here) to the children's New Year's Eve celebration in a sports hall in Kupittaa Puisto. The entire hall filled with children who were there for what the city web site termed a "Sports and exercise wonderland" Children have an opportunity for an exuberant celebration indoors, using various sports and exercise equipment.

Sophia enjoyed herself and made a friend who was Norwegian. What I like about this video is the announcer controlling the age of the children who were on the trampoline. I am learning to count and I am very practiced at saying "Puhutteko englatie?"

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  1. Guess what---we can get Turku weather on Google home page (it is now right next to Concord's forcast)---Mark says.."stop complaining, it's not that much colder than NH!"--Georgia on the other hand.......