Monday, November 2, 2009

Finnish news in the Concord Monitor

Finland made the news in the Concord Monitor , our local paper this weekend! It was an AP story written by Matti Huutanen about the world's largest cruise ship. This ship, the Oasis of the Seas, was built in Turku. You can see video of the ship narrowly passing under a bridge in Denmark here.

The other news here in Concord, NH, was Halloween. It was a wonderful holiday. Friday night was the Halloween Howl on Main Street and Saturday was trick and treating. Sophia, Nathan and Vivian enjoyed their annual trip to Auburn Street and the ritual sorting of the candy. It was a very Pippi evening!

I wondered whether Halloween is such a big event in Finland. Apparently not. According to this web site, All Saint's Day, Pyhainpaiva, is the celebration. This is a day to celebrate saints and the departed. The closest thing to our Halloween is Palm Sunday! On Palm Sunday in Finland children dress as witches and collect candy door to door.

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