Sunday, November 15, 2009

The African Star

On a rainy day a board game is always a good idea. A Finnish board game is a better idea! The most famous Finnish game is Afrikan Tahti. It was designed in 1949 by a 19 year old and was first produced in 1951. Every Finnish home contains a copy of this game. I love the map that serves as the game board. You have a choice of starting in Tangiers or Cairo. I always choose Tangiers in honor of Paul Bowles. You then plod around the continent looking for gems. I never find a gem and consequently never have enough money to fly. Not so Sophia. She is always jetting around in search of the diamond. Your roll!

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  1. There is also new version of this game called INKAN AARRE. Treasure of Inca. There is some new rules because Kari Mannerla got phonecalls late in the evenings from the players of Afrikan Tähti - you are able to continue game even if your money robbered in the islands...